Chemicals and Detergents

What chemicals and detergents do you use? Can I make a request?

We typically use over-the-counter fabric softeners. However, because these products are poured straight into our high-tech machinery in bulk, intelligently measuring detergents and softener portions; we, unfortunately, cannot take requests.
This machinery helps us save waste and operate a much more environmentally friendly service.


What’s the difference between Bio and non-Bio detergent?

Bio detergents contain enzymes which are much more effective at cleaning stains such as starch and fat found in food and sweat.

Cleaning procedures

What’s the difference between dry cleaning and wet washing?

Dry cleaning cleans without water, using a chemical solvent called perchloroethylene (PERC) to remove stains; while the process of wet washing uses water, soaps and detergents. Another dry cleaning alternative is hydrocarbon, which is a little less ‘aggressive’ than PERC.
Rest assured, our cleaning experts follow care label instructions rigorously and always clean in the most appropriate manner.

Order Processing and Damages

How long does cleaning take?

We typically collect, clean, and deliver in 48 hours, within the time slots chosen by you. But we’re flexible, so you can choose your delivery date up to seven days after collection.

What if my items are damaged?

Your clothes are in safe hands and incidents of damage are extremely rare – but we understand it’s a natural point of concern. In the (very, very) rare event your item is damaged, we have will start an investigation to find out what happened.

Payment And Prices

When do you take payment for my order?

We collect payment once we start cleaning your clothes, and by this time you should have already received an order update via email. Please note, you may see two charges to your card – rest assured, the first charge will just be a pre-authorisation ensuring payment is possible. We’ll only take payment once, and any pre-authorisation will be refunded immediately.

Do I have to specify items when ordering?

Nope! Go straight to timeslot selection, place your order, and prepare your clothes for collection day. We’ll take the load off your hands, process all your garments and update your order value (via email) to reflect everything you’ve given us.